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"The truth that is the Martial Arts today…what the arts once were and what they have become. Though there are marked similarities, depending upon where you choose to train, the differences may astound you.

The mark of the true student was supreme loyalty, a code of honor, and a confidence found only in the daily struggle to achieve perfection. We as a society have become soft, boastful and needlessly tolerant of the lack of struggle. In short, we have become the shadow of those qualities we once despised. In schools where it is deemed better to not give grades for fear of offending the less motivated, on the soccer field where we keep no score because everyone is a “winner”, or in the Martial Arts where all students pass all too rapidly and become “Black Belts”. We are preparing children and adults to fail in the face of true adversity.

We have lost the essence that is training. We have lost what it means to truly achieve. To be honorable is to be humble. To be humble is to be taught without ego. To have no ego…you must put down what you think you know and pick up anew.

I have pride in my school. I have pride in my students. They are a reflection of me. No corner shall be cut and no one’s potential shall be sacrificed." -Master JD Rifkin

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